The objective is to produce and publish comprehensive chronologies built around objective social political and cultural categories based upon primary, anecdotal and official written materials, so that the people of the Venice community can re-imagine themselves using the mirror of the past. No overarching narratives are provided.
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History of Venice of America, Volume 1
  1. History of the Venice Canals: 1850-1939
Table of Contents:
  1. Dedication Page: Leo Tolsoi's Methodology and De-Construction (p. 2)
  3. Authors preface (pp. 3-4)
  5. Short chronologies (pp. 5-7)
  7. Introduction (pp. 8-12)
  9. Chapter #1, From the Idea of Venice in 1902 to the Construction of the Canals in 1904 (pp. 13-19)
  11. Chapter #2, The First Years of their Existence, from Construction in 1905 to the Incorporation of the City of Venice in 1911 (pp. 19-29)
  13. Chapter #3, From the Establishment of an Independent City to the Death of Abbot Kinney and the Great Sewage Crisis; 1912-1921 (pp. 29-39)
  15. Chapter #4, The Campaign to Turn the Canals into Streets From its Inception in 1922 to the Filling in 1929 (pp. 40-55)
  17. Chapter #5, The Canals in the Period of Transmutation 1930-1952 (pp. 55-65)
History of Venice of America, Volume 2
  1. History of Venice - Annexation and Secession Movements: 1919-1939
Table of Contents:
  1. History of Venice Annexation and Secession Movements (pp. 3-42)
  3. Glosses:
  5. Daniel H. Burnham: City Beautiful, by Lisa Grace (p. 4)
  7. A God's Last Dream, by Ed Mendelson (p. 6)
  9. The Menagerie: A Story of the Al. G. Barnes Circus Wild Animal Show, by Laura Mitchell (p. 12)
  11. Norman Marsh and Clarence Russell, by Lisa Grace (p. 20)
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